My Body Wasn't Ready Yet

twerking nintendo failbook g rated - 7870116608
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Worse Than Meth

Not Even Once meth twerking funny - 7833355776
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Parenting: You Are Doing it Right

faith in humanity restored twerking parenting - 7802495744
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R2-D2's True Purpose

r2-d2 robot twerking funny - 7786585856
Created by beernbiccies
jimmy kimmel twerking prank funny Video - 54602241

We've Been Had! Last Week's Incredible Twerking FAIL Was a Stunt by Jimmy Kimmel

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Twerking Before it Was Cool

SpongeBob SquarePants twerking miley cyrus squidward - 7774822144
Created by Alpha_Place
mother 3 videos twerking - 54366209

Forget Miley Cyrus, Wess from Mother 3 Has the Moves

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ouch fire twerking funny Video - 54488321

Have You Ever Twerked so Hard You Caught Fire?

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Miley Cyrus is Out of Control

gifs twerking miley cyrus horses funny - 7776399616
Created by anthropocene
videos twerking miley cyrus - 54357761

How to Twerk Like Miley Cyrus

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Stop Twerking

wtf twerking toilet funny - 7774118912
Created by beernbiccies

Let My People Twerk!

twerking miley cyrus - 7767378176
Created by gtownthuggin

These Words Should Not Be Added to the Dictionary

i dont want to live on this planet anymore twerking - 7767403776
Created by dkevorkian

Miley Twerking is Causing Some Screams

twerking miley cyrus funny - 7763902720
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Twerking Gone Wrong

FAIL gifs twerking funny fall - 7736739072
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Somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom Luigi is Twerking

super smash bros twerking luigi - 7724175104
Created by Lespex