Thirsty Twitter Users Give Vision A 'Vishawn' Makeover

It seems like everyone and their mom has been talking about Marvel's Wandavision, especially since the finale aired on Disney+. The episode was so emotional that nerd-cum-director Kevin Smith shared a tearful selfie after watching it three times. On Twitter, however, it seems some people are more interested in Vision's sex appeal than the show's culmination. 

While it makes sense that the internet's thirst levels have been high (thanks, Covid-19 lockdowns), Black Twitter has taken things to the next level. Normally, Marvel fans are seen thirsting after meaty hunks like Thor or Captain America. But this weekend, their unholy gaze was set upon Vision, who is essentially a glorified robot. 

The fun started when Twitter user @gooonicorn shared some images of Vision in a turtleneck. The tweet went viral, and got a lot of women saying some highly questionable things. The tweet also spawned Vision's alter ego "Vishawn," as well as many, many edits of the character  decked out in gold chains, grills, and even a durag. While this may not be everyone's brand of humor, we can probably agree that a little humor is refreshing after that tear-inducing finale. 

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