People on Twitter share TikToks that they think deserve Oscars, academy awards

Entertaining Thread of TikToks That Deserve Oscars

It's time to give credit where credit is due.
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20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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Pretty Much

Funny meme that reads, "My playlists when I leave them on shuffle" above a photoshopped image of Tupac shaking hands with a classical composer
Via 13hozz
funny dumb memes

40 Dumb Memes That Serve No Purpose Other Than Comedy

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Pic of Tupac yelling at some people at a party under the caption, "Y'all better put some coasters under them cups"
Via EvanNC

It's A Freakin Miracle

Pic of a package of cakes that says, "Two packs inside" with the caption, "I knew he wasn't dead," referring to Tupac
Via downman280
national pet day

In Honor Of National Pet Day, Here Are 21 Rappers And Their Adorable Dogs

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bugs bunny tupac lip sync Video - 81331457

Watch Bugs Bunny Lipsync 'Hail Mary' by Tupac

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Two Pac Man

puns tupac - 7729722880
Created by jakemonson1 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Sounds Like a Plan

tupac mean tweets justin bieber - 7675046656

Yom Shakur

tupac - 4680066304

I Bet You're a Huge Tupac Fan

tupac Overconfident Alcoholic - 6662766848
See all captions Created by joebean304

Ok, Can I Get a Hologram?

hologram john mayer Memes tupac - 6253171456

I Ain't Afraid of No Holograms!

Ghostbusters hologram Memes tupac - 6232248576
Created by pedro84

This Is What He's Really Coming Back For

hologram Memes paranormal activity terror tupac - 6194311680
Created by Unknown


dead Memes tupac ymca yolo - 6124053504
Created by kod2600
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