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Funny tumblr thread about wholesome boys will be boys moments, frat guys

Tumblr Thread Shares Wholesome 'Boys Will Be Boys' Moments

Spoiler alert: Frat guys aren't all bad.
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Lesbian rates the Fellowship of the ring as women, funny, faceapp, lord of the rings, peter jackson

Lesbian Rates The Fellowship As Women In Feisty Tumblr Thread

Not bad. Not bad at all.
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funny tumblr posts, funny tumblr, tumblr gems, tumblr thread, funny comments, memes, tumblr memes, funny, wholesome, clever reply, clever, witty reply, witty | weirdchristmas Follow quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate monkeywiki Follow limp biscuit | moral Rudolph Red nose reindeer is no one likes unless useful. rudolph red-nosed reindeer as capitalist propaganda: discuss rudolph already exactly as useful as other reindeer moral is deviation norm will be punished unless is

27 Funny & Intriguing Tumblr Gems

Amusing observations and clever replies
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Funny tumblr thread about the struggles of wearing glasses | blurry definition of the word perfection  noun condition, state, or quality being free or as free as possible all flaws or defects satiny perfection her skin synonyms: flawlessness, excellence, superbness, sublimity, exquisiteness, magnificence, perfectness Fltlessness, impeccability, immaculateness, exemplariness satiny berfection her skin person or thing percelved as embodiment perfection am told ufe, al pertection itself synonyms id

Quick Tumblr Thread Perfectly Depicts The Struggle Of Wearing Glasses

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funny tumblr thread about even odd numbers and math | just-shower-thoughts Every single odd number has an e abrown16 if can split number half evenly s even. 30 and 50 are odd. antiandrogen (15+15=30 25+25=30) Er, guys two is odd and doesn't have an e. Just saying daddyhyperion did deadass just try tell two is odd fucking crying throw whole website away stvckyslvt Reblogging last one! kitsumekat one thing notice is no matter much want throw this site away just can't. awkwardintrovert2004 TWO IS

Cringey Tumblr Thread Is Evidence That People Don't Understand Math

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Informative and educational tumblr thread about how french writer alexandre dumas is black | miketalkstrash-deactivated20170 Let's not forget acknowledge Alexandre Dumas this Black History Month writer two most well known stories worldwide Three Musketeers and Count Monte Cristo black man s excellence. latinagabi Let's not forget he played on screen by white man. And fact he black is barely ever mentioned or book he wrote inspired by his experiences.

Tumblr Thread Tackles The 'Forgotten' Blackness Of French Author Alexandre Dumas

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Creepy story about someone who found a hidden door in a closet in a friend's house in Boston | stephrc79 So l'm staying at friend's house Boston And their guest room is door. Why yes, those ARE scratch marks on inside door. Which, one might think dog because they're so low on door (only third way up).

Tumblr Story About A Creepy Hidden Door Is Unsettling AF

Yeaaaaah, no thanks.
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tumblr thread about the full version of classic proverbs | curiosity killed cat is actually not full phrase actually is"curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought back" so don't let anyone tell not be curious little baby okay go and be interested world See also: Blood is thicker than water- blood covenant is thicker than water womb. Meaning relationships formed by choice are stronger than those formed by birth.

Tumblr Thread Reveals True Meaning & Full Versions Of Classic Proverbs

Definitely not what our mother's wanted s to believe.
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