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Funny random memes | Pacha the Emperor's New Groove sun hits laptop screen just right | dig through grandma's old toys an hour just find little dude who looks like meme @DarthStefawn ain't much, but 's honest work farmer figurine

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Funny random Tumblr posts | tilthat TIL 2002 researcher found average 8-year-old British child could identify 80 Pokémon, but only 50 common wildlife species via sirobvious Common wildlife species don't normally yell their names at

Eighteen Tumblr Posts Chock-Full Of Clever Humor

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Funny Tumblr memes written by Tumblr user 'Pukicho' | pukicho Sorry, but if name's Brian already know exactly look like lackluster-friend-next-door Does this post include people named Bryan? pukicho don't speak them

Twenty-Seven Humorous Gems From 'Pukicho' The Tumblr God

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Funny tumblr posts | big-ricospizza: auntmarie: doesn't term "staff member" make laugh because those 2 words both mean penis HAVE DONE

Tasty Tumblr Posts That Are Weird But Good

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Funny random memes | weird green light came on should be concerned BMW car blinker arrow | dog eating ice cream He'll never be able enjoy tasteless brown pebbles ever again @tank.sinatra

Twenty-Seven Random Memes To Temporarily Soothe The Pain Of Existence

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Funny random Tumblr posts | Cover memes of two girls playing with a vinyl record in what looks like one of those ab machines floor rollers with someone joking and asking if this is how lesbian sex works and another meme of someone asking TOO SOON on a plague joke and someone else points out that it has been a few centuries

Terrific Tumblr Tidbits (43 Posts)

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Funny random memes | balloon filled with water My bladder as soon as am bad situation where can't go toilet | Showed this my dad an he just didn't get e Del Monte mandarins juice 298g MIL Grion MILK atic sbury's Carmation esperat sbury's evaporated milk y Sainsbury's

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Funny text-based posts from Twitter and Tumblr | female hysteria @LocalGoblin bigass spider my room is now named Cotton Eyed Joe because want know two things where did he come where did he go

Twenty-Seven Amusing Textual Posts For Inquisitive Minds

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Funny random memes | He-man Skeletor meme scrolling and keep running into inspirational quotes and positive messages don't like feel good! like feel evil! | left surprise on pillow omg no way love u so much pasta

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Funny random memes | Bilbo want yourself! Gandalf: inhales BILBO BAGGINS LOTR Inhaling Seagull | Honk chameleon squeezing a frog's face while they both stand on a branch

Thirty-Seven Mood-Improving Memes And Tweets

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Funny random memes | My three personalities Squidward Patrick and Mr. Krabs sitting at a table | Babadook meme man Why can't just die like regular meme *Skreemns*

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Funny random memes | Ah, life is good hiclat 23 @will ent Saladin @ayyubidempire BRO THIS MAN GOT COOKIES SEWING KIT | ask mom her opinion new man. Parasite. abc

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Poor Hans

Funny Tumblr post about how Hans Christian Andersen took it very personally when he got a negative review one time | don't feel bad if you're sensitive to negative feedback because apparently after one particular bad review hans christian andersen was found just sobbing face down in the dirt
Via Ramaji7
Funny memes about Harry Potter | someone's way need shop so pretend be super interested something else like hermione reading | first guy survive killing curse probably like: white guy blinking

Roundup Of Harry Potter Memes To Get Your Day Rowling

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Funny random memes | Anime Character need find villain could be anyone Villain: man in orange suit walking through slums | Gimli headed Moria rest Fellowship excited donald trump

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Funny random memes | Fb friends never hear who are triggered by my opinion posting my own opinion about something on Facebook one time F**k Dwight spooked by Angela The Office | 90'S PARENTS: MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES 2020 two girls in Halloween costumes posing in front of a tree covered in toilet paper

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