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Iconic Tumblr Posts That Made Internet History

People give Tumblr a lot of slack. It has maintained its reputation as being a cesspool for 13-year-old fangirls to scream about Misha Collins , even though the website has changed a lot in the past ten years. I stopped using Tumblr regularly in 2014, so my concept of it is a bit skewed toward that time period. However, Tumblr has some hilarious gems that are worth checking out if you've cast it aside. Tumblr has a lot of qualities I look for in a social media platform. It allows and even encou…
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25+ Relatable & Quirky Tumblr Tidbits

Tumblr is like long Twitter
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funny tumblr posts, funny tumblr, tumblr gems, tumblr thread, funny comments, memes, tumblr memes, funny, wholesome, clever reply, clever, witty reply, witty | weirdchristmas Follow quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate monkeywiki Follow limp biscuit | moral Rudolph Red nose reindeer is no one likes unless useful. rudolph red-nosed reindeer as capitalist propaganda: discuss rudolph already exactly as useful as other reindeer moral is deviation norm will be punished unless is

27 Funny & Intriguing Tumblr Gems

Amusing observations and clever replies
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tumblr, funny tumblr, tumblr memes, tumblr gems, funny comments, witty reply, clever, memes, funny tumblr posts, memes | catchymemes people did not have clocks, they used "candle clocks Candles would burn set amount hours. If needed an alarm would push nail at desired time length candle and once melted point nail would fall and hit metal holder, alerting phantomtwitch like candle pictured has four nails Ye olde snooze button. | argumate Follow 1 Lets Meet Tonight Hey am USER_CITY wanna meet?

22 Amusing Tumblr Tidbits & Funny Posts

Tumblr is still going strong
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funny relatable memes, spongebob memes, funny tweets, funny tumblr posts | spongebob try be an adult and walk away an argument, then hear s thought | Does this man want be seen or not man in camouflage and safety vest

Memes, Tweets & Tumblr Gems For Primo Procrastination

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Funny Star Trek memes and tumblr shitposts | mylvias enterprise senior crew at 100% power enterprise senior crew at 99% power | Spock car salesman: this bad boy's backstory can fit so many previously unknown siblings into

Star Trek Memes & Tumblr Gems For All The Trekkies On The Holodeck

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Funny memes, funny posts, funny tumblr posts, dank memes, random memes, stupid memes, tumblr gems | rebelwhodoesntknow are dancing queen, young and sweet, now quarantine konmariyourboyfriend can dance can jive, but can't go outside bigmammallama5 000000OHHH see girl, watch scene, but through window screen | carbonscales As 90's kid blows my mind origami youtube videos exist can look up any model and watch pair manicured hands assemble thing real time full color 3D, with cheerful flute music back

Tasty Tumblr Gems To Help Pass The Time

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17 Fresh And Funny Tumblr Posts That'll Give You A Chuckle

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17 Funny Tumblr Gems Of Epic Proportions

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Tumblr post that reads, "You can never lose an argument if you say 'shut up nerd' at the end. Yes you can. Shut up nerd"
Via Punless
Random Memes

30+ Random Memes That Are Just Too Funny For Words

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You Can Never Reference Dinosaurs Too Much

Tweet that reads, "'Do you think I reference dinosaurs too much?' I asked. She was silent, like the p in pterodactyl, but it said everything"
Via nhpyt
Excellent Memes

30+ Excellent Memes For Your Weekend Enjoyment

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Tumblr joke that reads, "What rock group has four men that don't sing? Mount Rushmore"
Via ScotchyScotchyScotch


Tumblr post that reads, "Bitten by a radioactive cicada now all I do is sit in a tree and scream all day"
Via SantaGuise
some serious gems from tumblr that will help you kill some time

35 Tasty Tumblr Gems To Help You Pass The Time

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