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People Recall The Moment They Realized Their Exes Were Straight-Up Crazy

So much regret.
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People Talk About All The Sobering Truths That Most Of Us Ignore

No more turning a blind eye
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Funny memes about HBO band of brothers.

'Band of Brothers' Memes For the WWII-Obsessed Dad in All of Us (February 15, 2022)

Once a year, or perhaps even more than once, I get the urge. It's an ache, really. A yearning for a place I have not been, and the camaraderie of men I have never really known. Men whose bravery would put most people's heroes to shame. Men that, if you can believe it, after they hooked up with I Company, came back. No, I'm not talking about the Fellowship of the Ring. I'm talking about the admirable, vulnerable, sensitive, and handsome men of Band of Brothers, which is quite possibly the best W…
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Mom Provides Funny Throwback With Homemade Eighties Beefcake Calendar

"Every Woman's Fantasy"
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Dylan Park Tells Insane Story About Fake Marine Who Conned Her Way Into the Writers Room

Stolen valor taken to the next level
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True Story

Tweet that reads, "So me and my wife had been saving up to pay for our Utah football tickets in cash. We pulled our money out yesterday to pay my mom for the season...Well, we couldn't find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder. Yup, two-year-old shredded $1,060"
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Internet Brings the Creative Fire With Latest Attempts at Describing That Upcoming Holiday Dinner In Three Words

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The Future of Gaming!

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Name a More Iconic Duo

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SO Accurate

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Definitely a Movement I Can Support Wholeheartedly

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My Life Be Like

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Many Arguments Were Settled Here

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Borderlands 2 Logic Be Like

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Oh Look, A Penny!

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rick and morty wtf court parody true story Video - 81720577

Rick and Morty Read a Super NSFW Transcript From a REAL Court Room

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