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A compilation of memes about True Crime shows and podcasts

True Crime Memes For Morbid True Crime Fanatics

There are a lot of true crime haters in this world, and frankly, I get it! Not everybody has the temperament and the willpower to watch or listen to hours of painstakingly long and graphic content about murders . When I was a teenager, I was far more interested in true crime documentaries about kidnapping cases like Jaycee Lee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart than I was in serial killers. I was a casual 20/20 viewer, but that would rarely get as intense as the true crime media we see dominating today'…
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Insensitive Recruiter Suspects Applicant is Involved in Idaho Murders Because of his Alma Mater

Why? Just why?
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TikTok video shows a soccer mom advertising insanely militaristic car that squirts pepper spray out the windows

Soccer Mom Drives Insanely Militaristic Car That Squirts Pepper Spray Out The Windows

The Batmobile, but for paranoid suburbanites!
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Answers To An r/AskReddit Question Wondering What Things Movie Consistently Get Incorrect

People Share the Things Movies Consistently Get Incorrectly

Did you guys know that movies and TV…are not real? Crazy, I know. It can be shocking and even harrowing to discover that screenwriters do not actually know the 411 on the industries they write about. Whether it be Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, or even Grey's Anatomy , I can practically guarantee you that none of the writers of those shows have ever been a cop, firefighter, or doctor. Because of this lack of industry overlap, there are countless discr…
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Video from cracked that looks at logical fallacies

The Stupidest Logical Fallacy Ever

Is Ryan Holle truly an accomplice to murder? Well, that depends on what you think of Geoff's haircut.
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An article about a woman who got ratio'd on Twitter for claiming that criticisms of true crime are rooted in sexism.

Woman Claims Sexism Is Cause Of Backlash Toward True Crime, Gets Roasted On Twitter

True crime has been among the most popular podcast genres over the past decade. Unlike shows like ‘Law & Order SUV,' which depicts police attempting to solve fictional crimes, true crime media is focused on crimes that actually happened. While true crime documentaries and books have been popular for decades, true crime podcasts are a more recent phenomenon that has blown up in popularity over the past five years. However, true crime has not been without criticism, with detractors calling it cav…
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Chaotic TikTok Goes Viral of Girl Asking Her Partner if He Would Love Her as a Worm and then a Hawk Decapitates a Small Bird

Chaotic TikTok Goes Viral of Girl Asking Her Partner if He Would Love Her as a Worm and then a Hawk Decapitates a Small Bird

Well, that escalated quickly…
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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol

True Crime Memes For People Fascinated By Murder and Mysteries

This country's (and maybe the world's) obsession with murder is a bit alarming. We'd have to say that most people are fascinated by dark tales of grisly killings, serial killers, and murder mysteries. The television industry makes a fortune on it. And the murder-minded aren't limited to big screens. True crime podcasts haven't helped things. If anything, they've stoked this raging fire. What's weirder is that it seems like most murder mystery and true crime buffs are women. We settle into our c…
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True Crime Fan Splits Opinion By Prepping For If She Goes Missing

It's thorough
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30+ True Crime Memes For The Morbidly Curious

Memes while we wait for the new murder doc to drop
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17 Spooky 'Buzzfeed Unsolved' Memes For The Show's Super Fans

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Pretty OK With This Future

Funny meme about netflix, murder shows and baking shows.
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OMG He's SOO Hot

Funny mem eaboutwhite women loving serial killers
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