Almost Fit

yikes FAIL gifs trucks - 8560154112
Created by anselmbe

Looks Like This Road is Gonna Be Closed For a Bit

yikes wtf FAIL gifs trucks - 8553560832

And It's Gone

FAIL gifs ice funny trucks - 7821373440
Created by anselmbe

How Do I Park?

FAILS yikes gifs garage parking trucks - 7309716224

"What? I Needed a Drink"

Like a Boss drinking wtf gifs trucks - 8534426880
Created by anselmbe

Genius at Work

ouch emergency FAIL gifs trucks - 8529188608
Created by anselmbe


yikes FAIL gifs trucks - 8530679808
Created by anselmbe

Real Men Do It in One Trip

trucks - 8276317184

Stumped On This One

yikes FAIL gifs puns trucks - 8517254656
Created by tamaleknight

Big Nuts?

wtf driving trucks - 8419204864

Huge Truck

mindwarp gifs trucks - 8510336768
Created by Unknown

How to Troll Your Girlfriend Doing Yoga

Very funny GIF of a hot girl doing a yoga pose and her boyfriend rides an RC jeep up her yoga pose, with a comical finale as he gets the car over her boobs.
Created by ToolBee

The Only Way to Play Golf

Via Bing

Mudding Like a Boss

trucks - 7975104512

Poor Little Car Never Stood a Chance

yikes mindwarp gifs cars trucks - 8506112256
Created by ToolBee

If There's No Room

gifs cars roads trucks - 8502971648
Created by ToolBee