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'Y'all thought my $1400 Tahoe payment was bad': Nonsensical woman baffles internet with combined $3000 monthly car payments

She has been paying one vehicle off for two years
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Daughter Comes Clean to Her Dad About Crashing His Car 10 Years Ago, Sparking a Giggle-Fit That Only a Parent Would Understand

The fear in his eyes before she told the story
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Entitled Karen Stands In McDonald’s Drive Thru To Save Space For Her Husband’s Pickup Truck

Just why
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You should fire us!" "Ok." | My family runs a small trucking company. Depending on where you are in the world, you might call us a P&D company, a Final Mile company, a White Glove company... basically we handle the kind of stuff that you might buy to have delivered to your home or business,

Trucking Company Takes Clients Own Advice and Fires Them After Calling Their Bluff

“Why don't you just fire us then.” is an empty threat that you should never make, somewhere along the lines of “If you don't do this I quit” or “Why don't you just leave if you don't like it." When one makes such threats they're saying it thinking they're in a position of power. It's a power move and manipulation tactic to force a subordinate (or someone you otherwise have power over) into reluctantly accepting whatever terms you are proposing. By giving them an “out”, the person in power is ps…
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A compilation of funny memes about cars and car fans

Car Memes For Motorheads

Being obsessed with your car is a hobby I can respect. It's objectively way cooler than collecting meaningless objects or mindlessly watching something. I may not own a car because I'm literally addicted to taking the train and the bus, but in my heart of hearts, I can't truly be a hater of dudes who just love their cars. I feel like there are two kinds of transportation hobbyist guys who are constantly at odds with each other online: the car guys and the urbanist public transit guys. Urbanists…
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A compilation of car themed memes

Car Memes For Car Dudes

Throughout my college experience, I had one car-obsessed friend who was the light of my life. His name is Yuvraj, and there is nothing he loves more than his vehicles. He took people to go racing with him, always drove people in our friend group to events, and made his hobby fun for others. It's rare for a grad student to tell you about his niche hobby and not be extremely annoyed by it. Yuvraj was the rare exception to this rule. In the three years I've known him, his love of cars never ceased…
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Insanely Modified Trucks & Cars That Put "Pimp My Ride" to Shame

Next level
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Clever scammer takes Davyn collier's truck for a test drive, instead moves couch to his home, and says he's not interested in buying

Devious King Takes Truck For 'Test Drive', Uses It to Move Couch Instead

An expert scammer.
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Outraged Woman Starts Debate After Allegedly Getting Gas Stolen

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Highlights video of Elon Musk's Cybertruck reveal

Highlights From Elon Musk's Dumb-Looking 'Cybertruck' Unveiling

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Funny dank memes about Elon Musk's new Cybertruck

Elon Musk's 'Cybertruck' Looks Stupid AF

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Oh It's Over Now

Funny meme that reads, "When I finish arguing and I hear the person mumbling" above a photo of a semi-truck crashing into a car
Via Neviah

How Considerate Of Them!

Pic of a green truck parked in front of a sign that reads, "Reserved for green vehicles"
Via moghees

Way Better Than An Uber

Caption that reads, "Screw Uber! It's Friday night! Don't drink and drive. Message me and I'll come get you in a 2000 Ford F-250 4x4, with a case of beer in a cooler in the back. blasting Skynyrd on the speakers, and I'll holler 'Hell yeah brother!' at everything you say" above a pic of a guy looking out the window of his truck
Via LukeDabWalker

This Is Fine

Funny meme with a photo of a stuck truck, mean to symbolize someone failing at turning their life around.
Via goodgirlwithbadthoughts

Oh, I'll Stay Away From Your Son, All Right.

Funny meme saying that Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons is on the movie, image of a truck that says "Die Bart" on it.
Via AlexW-0
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