truancy story

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Teacher Assigns Passive-Aggressive Crossword Puzzle After Student is Absent For One Day

Was that really necessary?
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F for Effort

ninja test truancy story - 6616038400

Never Get Distracted in Math Class

class school math class truancy story - 7262110976
Created by ilikenightmaremoon

Minimum Wage for Life

cereal guy homework Rage Comics truancy story - 5929599744

Pondering Peter

Rage Comics that sounds naughty truancy story - 6295315200
Created by Petros ( Via )

Not 91%?

Rage Comics raisin rage table flip test truancy story - 5830290176
Created by Unknown

class action

class school herp derp test truancy story - 6645347072

He was the computer tech teacher, too

derp google truancy story - 6618625536


bad poker face guilt Rage Comics truancy story - 6413684224

Should've Paid Attention... Oh Well!

school truancy story - 7387027712

Homework Troll

fu guy homework Rage Comics table flip truancy story - 6192186112

Teacher Ate My Homework

Rage Comics test truancy story you dont say - 6120705280

Written by Herp, Graded by Herpy

all the things i lied poker face Rage Comics test truancy story - 5774473728

Forget math!!

all the things math Rage Comics table flip truancy story - 6205921792

Not Even Middle Schoolers Like Middle School

best of week middle school Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5850890240

When you have school

school true story morning sleep night truancy story - 6585971200
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