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Funny meme about how writers either make a smart person play chess or play piano
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4 Weird Superhero Tropes Movies Won't Stop Recycling

What happened to creativity?
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Video: 4 Teenage Movie Tropes Based On Nothing

Presumably, every single writer in Hollywood was at some point in time a teenager . At the very least, they probably inject themselves with teenage blood in order to keep their organs strong and their skin moist. So how in the world do they know nothing about them? Thankfully, "Doctor" Jordan Breeding is oft accused of having a teenage sense of humor, so join him as he tears apart teenage movie tropes that have no grounding in reality.
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People Eat Breakfast?

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Watch This Good Cop/Bad Cop Duo Take a Bite out of Crime

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Tropes in Fire Emblem

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Top 5 Video Game Reviewer Tropes

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