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Truth in Troll Science?

brain magnets problem science troll science - 4347217920
By fibonaccimathgenius

Troll Science: Genie Hax

troll science - 4341463808
By Connor7395

Troll Science: How to hack memebase!

facebook hax magnets memebase problem troll science - 4338209792
By fadiwartani2

Troll Physics: Father Time is Disappoint

immortality jelly jet troll science - 4334662400
By Tox_Mace

Troll Science: Silence is Golden

troll science - 4323261696
By hopev716

Troll Science: Infinite Money

time travel troll science - 4323365120
By ItsaPotato

Troll science: Infinite Money

money problem time troll science - 4314620928
By Grahambert

Technologically Impaired Duck: Magnets!

cars magnets Technologically Impaired Duck troll science - 4309645568
By batmanbinsuparman

Troll Science: Flight

bridge Gravity north pole troll science - 4307031808
By Unknown

Trol Science: Need This in Seattle

magnets rain troll science - 4293534464
By Unknown

Troll Science: The force

Jedi magnets the force troll science water - 4273919488
By hamgamgo

Troll Science: Über Turtle

aquaman duct tape troll science turtle - 4279918336
By frank1987

Fishing With Trolls

fishing magnets troll science - 4268592384
By IcedInformer

Y U No Magnets?

IRL magnets troll science Y U NO Y U No Guy - 4262145536
See all captions By n4n0basti

Troll Science: Problem Warmongers?

Aliens Astronomy peace troll science - 4263235328
By Unknown
coins fire troll science Video - 12182529

Troll Science Party Tricks

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