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Heavy-Jaw Mode Unlocked

breathing manual troll face - 5802018048
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Never Shoulda Picked You Up...

dollar money troll troll face - 5807511040
By WrittenImprov

Y U Mad Tho?

dad kids mad son troll face - 5778265600
By Unknown

Who Didn't Foresee This?

picture profit troll face - 5769537792
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Rage Comics: The Bane of Every Astronomy Course

Rage Comics troll face - 5751736832
By Unknown

God's True Identity

god imaginary numbers Thor troll face - 5734839296
By Posture

Tip This

Sad tip troll face - 5735585024
By honeybadgerswag

I've Never Seen It

clown hiding troll face - 5737100800
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Trolled by Candy

candy slovakia troll face trololo - 5737087488
By Unknown

Nice Lampshade, Bro

cardboard IRL troll face - 5700309504
By Penman

The 90's Playground Troll

cartoons playground recess snitch troll face - 5679813120
By alex_preo

Mayan Trollface

calendar mayan troll face - 5678230272
By SlightlySardonic

Classic: Y U No Work, Mouse?!

computers IRL mouse troll face - 5658520320

Trolliam Shakespeare

arrow banana shakespeare time troll face - 5207135744
By somuchsponge


dinosaurs jesus real troll face - 5209826048
By danmoss96

Problemchild Erickson

greenland Iceland troll face - 5177295360
By tinadear