troll dad

Big News

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Time to Steal From Your Dad

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Created by TheEvilMarmiteOverlord

Try Roasting Them Next Time

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Via penis hole

Parents, the Worst

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Trolled at Cards

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Much Appreciated

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Dad Repeats Statement!

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Created by daniyaldude

No Sick Days For You!

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Oh Dad, Why?

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Created by RobensonCaetanoDaSilva

Not In a Million Years

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Yeah? Well I Got My Genes From You, Dad!

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Created by skrewflanders

Aw, You Thought I Was Mad?

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Created by Parzival10

Maybe She... Oh, I Dunno... Has Her Phone on Mute?

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Under Where?

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He's On to Me!

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Created by tentoes2

Dad Nooooooo!

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