You Wake Up in The Desert And Find This

burning man gifs lights mindwarp trippy wake up wtf - 6552123136
By Unknown


best of week bully comic the internets trippy - 6417628416
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Mind Bending Floor

awesome best of week floor trippy wtf - 6414376448
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Solar Eclipse Shadows

gifs science shadows trippy - 6250363392
By Unknown

Nice Trip

art cool trippy wtf - 5981723136
By butterflyperception

Sand People Tripping

art gifs mindwarp sand trippy wtf - 6004730624
By Unknown

Illusion Sculpture

art gifs illusion mindwarp sculpture trippy - 5935022336
By _C_A_T_ (Via

I Found This in Your Skull

3d best of week trippy wtf - 5917729280
By revraikes (Via Dain (source may contain obscene material))

Oh, I Guess I am Still Drunk

beach cool gifs mindwarp trippy - 5707067648
By Unknown

Slinky Suit

cool gifs mindwarp trippy - 5379218432
By Unknown


gifs mindwarp rug trippy woah - 4825842176
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art gifs mindwarp painting trippy - 4452326144
By Unknown

Medicinal GIF - Homer Trips

Trippy GIF of Homer Simpson having a psychedelic morning.
By rewwr5
Music trippy Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 12641793


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GIF of an apple that falls from the top of the screen to a hand, which then drops the apple, and it loops right back to the beginning making it seem like endless apples falling.
By Unknown
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