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A Dank Collection of All the Best 'I Am Weed' Memes

If you're confused about all the ‘I am weed’ memes that have been floating around on Instagram and Twitter, let us bring you up to speed. Last week, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were featured in GQ's ‘ Couples Quiz ’ and the story about how they met was pretty absurd. According to the couple, Fox told MGK that he smelled like weed. MGK responded, ‘I am weed’ and then vanished. At first, Twitter lamented the fact that such a vapid line could sweep a babe like Megan Fox off her feet. But it di…
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Humblebraggers Shoot Their Shot With Emotional New Seduction Meme

Seduction was never so cynical.
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Image of a Lobsterwoman Lobbing One off Her Boat Gets the Meme Treatment

An epic image by photographer @jrinaldi5 has gone viral for all the right reasons. The crustacean-tossing lobsterwoman pictured is 101-year-old Virginia Oliver, and according to the Boston Globe , she's been trapping lobsters since she's was 8 years old (that's before the Great Depression!) No wonder she looks so blasé as she expertly pitches the undersized creature back to the sea—it's muscle memory at this point. Obsessed with this picture from the Boston Globe of a lobsterwoman yeeting one t…
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A Thorough Explanation of ‘I Forgor’ and Why Everyone Hates It

The internet is down to its last two braincells.
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The Trollish Meme That Has Everyone Searching for Goku

If you've been wondering about some cryptic memes floating around lately that involve a hidden Goku and a mysterious red circle, wonder no further, because we can explain. It all started with an illustration tweeted by @Scope479 depicting characters from the dark indie RPG Omori. In the image, a bright red circle highlights the intertwined hands of two characters in the left corner while Goku poses conspicuously in the right corner. The tweet went viral and many were dumbfounded by how they cou…
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Zuckerberg Gets Meme'd & Roasted for Weird 4th of July Hovergliding Post

Meme me once, shame on you.
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romance, funny memes, funny tweets, dating memes, relationship memes, twitter memes, trending memes, trending tweets, memes, funny, relatable memes, jacques lacan, desire, romantic comedy | it's always 'wyd' and never wayaissicsicdt | it's always "wyd" and never 'yjtgtbtctmeooy' Your'e just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you

Clever Twitter Meme Playfully Laments The Death Of Romance

It's always 'wyd' and never 'hyd'
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Jake Paul Snatches Floyd Mayweather's Hat, Memes & Mayhem Ensue

Was this a planned stunt or does Paul have a death wish?
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Know Your Meme 101 explains how rapper and hip hop artist DaBaby became a meme

Meme Experts Explain How DaBaby Became A Meme Star

DaBaby AKA Jonathan Lyndale Kirk used to be best known for his work as a rap artist. Nowadays, it's safe to say he's best know for something else. And none of our timelines have been safe. So, what's the story behind DaBaby transforming from a rap star into a meme star? Without further ado, let's gooo.
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'Mexico In American Movies' Is A Sepia-Toned Meme That We're Really Digging Right Now

'Mexico In American Movies' Memes Roast Hollywood's Stylistic Choices

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25 Of The Best 'RIP You Would Have Loved' Memes

RIP Andy Warhol, you would have loved memes
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dream blunt rotation, funny memes, twitter memes, memes, funny tweets, trending memes, celebrities, stoners, stoner memes, funny

20 Of The Best 'Dream Blunt Rotation' Twitter Memes

The possibilities are endless
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funny memes, memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, trending tweets, twitter, gender, pronouns, pronouns are confusing

Hilarious Twitter Meme Mocks People Who Find Gender Pronouns Confusing

Bro literally what is this
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funny tweets, twitter memes, funny memes, memes, lol, stock market, gme, amc, trending memes, astrology, astrology memes, wall street | Bayann @_bayann_ astrology gf and stock market bf Grimes and Elon Musk | Beerbongs & Bentleys @dadwearingjeans Stock market bf and astrology gf Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

23 Spot On 'Stock Market BF & Astrology GF' Memes

These work so well
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twitter, twitter memes, funny tweets, twitter, bernie sanders, bernie sanders memes, inauguration, funny memes, memes, trending memes, joe biden | Reeezy O @MsReeezy Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain't his whole day. | Bernie sitting in public transportation

Best Twitter Reactions To Bernie Sanders' Iconic Inauguration Look

Bernie's drip was a true showstopper
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funny tweets, funny twitter, twitter memes, twitter, men, therapy, trending, funny memes, memes, trending memes, mental health memes, clever tweets | Colleen @C0113enG men will literally run for president instead of going to therapy | The Elder Memes ELDER @TheElderMemes MEMES Men will literally commit regicide and create their own oblivion realm instead of going to therapy

Viral Twitter Meme Pokes Fun At Men Who Avoid Therapy

'Men will literally post memes instead of going to therapy..'
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