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A compilation of tweet about Blink 182s tour, new music coming out, and Tom returning to the band.

The Best Tweets About The Blink-182 Reunion

Blink-182 is back, and they've got a lot of news. They are going on a massive world tour over the next year, they're releasing new music soon, and Tom is back in the band. After 30 years, the kings of pop punk are still going at it. I might not have been a teen during the golden age of Blink-182, but their music definitely helped to fuel my teen angst to new heights. I didn't know what an enema was a the time, but it sure wasn't going to stop me. I even dabbled in some of their music that was r…
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Twitter Gets Up In Arms About Pasta Portions At Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding

That's it?
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Funny tweets about Pete DAvidson and Kim Kardashian holding hands at Knott's Berry Farm after Kim's appearance on SNL, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian

All the Best Tweets About Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian Holding Hands

Pete Davidson seems to have a way with women. And while we don't understand it, his allure might have possessed America's most famous almost-divorcee, Kim Kardashian. Her marriage to Kanye West was her third since age 19, and since filing for divorce in February, the media personality had yet to be spotted with any potential love interests. Until photos were leaked of her holding hands with Davidson at Knott's Berry Farm on Friday just a couple weeks after they shared a kiss (as Aladdin and Jas…
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