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Raccoon Memes For Raccacoonie Fans

If you watched the Best Picture this year, you know that one of the best animals in the animal kingdom got a starring role. Everything Everywhere All At Once featured a gag where a 'Remy the rat' esque raccoon went under a chef's hat, and his name was Raccacoonie. Imagine what kind of movie Ratatouille would have been if a raccoon was running the show. Raccoons had already gotten a star-making moment in children's animation around that time, with one starring in the middling DreamWorks comedy,…
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38 Cute Raccoon Memes For Anyone Who Feels Like A Trash Panda

If you're cold, they're cold. Let them inside.
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Invasion of the Trash Pandas: A Wild Thread

If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside.
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An Absolute Unit

Caption that reads, "He snacc, he get fat, but most importantly, he don't fit down crack" above a pic of a very fat raccoon
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My Spirit Animal

Caption reads, "Reasons I can relate to a raccoon: 1.) Dark circles around eyes, 2.) Eats junk, 3.) Small and chubby, 4.) Stays up all night, 5.) Cute but will fight you," above a pic of a very fat raccoon
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