Grimes calls out Elon Musk for transphobic tweet of pronouns suck | Elon Musk @elonmusk 15m Pronouns suck GRiñes @Grimezsz Replying elonmusk love but please turn off ur phone or give dall cannot support hate. Please stop this know this isn't heart | Elon Musk o Armani ohistoryofarmani 1d know wasnt best interest people U.S. government organizing coup against Evo Morales Bolivia so Pronouns suck could obtain lithium there.

Grimes Calls Out Elon For 'Pronouns Suck' Tweet, Twitter Madness Ensues

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JK Rowling attracts criticism on Twitter for transphobic tweets, anti-trans tweets, transphobia, TERF | J.K. Rowling O @jk_rowling respect every trans person's right live any way feels authentic and comfortable them. l'd march with if were discriminated against on basis being trans. At same time, my life has been shaped by being female do not believe 's hateful say so |

JK Rowling Under Fire For Transphobic Tweets

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Funny Twitter meme that mocks Blair White's tweet about trans people demanding too much from society

Transphobes Get Roasted With This Fresh Twitter Meme

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