WTF Did We Just Watch...

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Only One Kid at a TIME!

trampoline dangerous space image - 8990217984
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Do Your Own Thing, They Said. No One Would Notice, They Said.

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A Perfect Flip, Flip, Slip Right Through

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How high can you go?

me gusta arms gymnastics trampoline space - 8561615616

That's Not How You Jump a Bike

ouch yikes motorbikes FAIL gifs trampoline - 8550686208

This Looks Jarring, Definitely Not as Fun as Petting a Cat

dive gifs mindwarp GoPro trampoline - 8314780416
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I Must Go, My People Need Me

dogs gifs trampoline funny flying - 7490613248
Created by Dragonladycels

Didn't Even Get to The Trampoline

ouch FAIL gifs trampoline fall - 7415167744

The World's Smallest Movie Made With Singular Atoms

gifs trampoline science - 7414701056
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Well, That Broke

broke wtf trampoline - 3166207744
Created by theyarealltaken

Sick Slider

ouch FAIL jump gifs trampoline slides - 7130382592

Disappearing Act

FAIL gifs trampoline bushes - 7022821888

Trampoline Feats

cool jump gifs trampoline win - 6869351168

Your Argument is Irrelephant

gifs elephant puns trampoline - 6266044160
Created by Jelle161994

Well, On The Plus Side, You Have a Pool

FAIL gifs pool trampoline - 6850913536
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