Article about weird future transit video that got roasted on twitter.

UFO Train Hailed as Future of Transportation, Gets Roasted By Engineers

What does the future of public transit hold?
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Dude Goes Ape On Subway, Nobody Knows How To React

City life
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Subway Brawl Turns Wholesome in Most NYC Video Ever

In possibly the most NYC moment of all time, an argument between two men on a subway platform turned violent as seen in a viral video shared by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Things quickly escalate and one of the men jabs and misses, hurling himself onto the subway track instead. The other man rushes over and pulls his contender up from the track to safety. The video ends with the two men appearing to reconcile whatever differences pushed them to violence. We love to see a happy ending.
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British Train Driver’s Running Commentary Brings Passengers Festive Cheer

Bless her
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Woman Sparks Controversy By Pushing Her Way Onto Crowded Subway Train

It’s hard to overstate the beauty of the Big Apple. Between the eye watering property prices and increasingly dramatic floods , who wouldn’t consider it to be a glamorous place to live? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the privilege of being able to use its public transport system. The New York Subway is an essential part of getting from points A to B, but it’s not always the most pleasant experience. This is especially true in rush hour, when many can find themselves fighting for a place…
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Interesting video from a train station in 1896 that's been upgraded to look like it was film today

Upgraded Video From 1896 Looks Completely Modern

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Funny pictures of people on the subway that represent different astrology signs

Astrology Signs Exemplified By Crazy People On The Subway (12 WTF Pics)

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Funny and strange pictures of things on the subway

33 WTF Pics Proving That Absolutely Nothing Is Surprising On The Subway

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thomas the tank engine dank memes

Thomas The Tank Engine Is The Star Of This Comical Trending Dank Meme

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Funny stories from subways, nyc subway.

Subway Horror Story Thread Is A Wild Ride Of Cringe And Hilarity

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Cringey Thread About An NYC Commuter Is A Public Transit Nightmare

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Funny memes and tweets about public transportation.

20 Memes & Tweets About The Perils Of Public Transit

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Pic of a guy dancing with the caption, "White people when 'Hey Soul Sister' comes on at TJ Maxx"
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15 Disturbing Public Transit Horror Stories & Videos

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I like trains

train - 8990189824
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A Hard-Hitting Comic About the Little Engine That Tried His Best

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