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24 Historians Give the Verdict on the Worst Mistakes in History

Bad calls
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Weekly Internet Roundup: The Titanic Submarine Implosion, Musk Vs. Zuck, and Billionaire-Hating Orcas

A big focus on the wrath of the ocean.
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People Share All the Characters They Think Didn't Deserve Their Fate

Writers can be so cruel
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Time To Pretend To Care!

Funny dank meme that reads, "Corporations whenever a new tragedy happens" above an image of a guy saying, "I can milk you" next to a Minecraft cow
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'Thus With A Kiss I Die'

Funny dank meme that depicts the Blinking White Guy drew scanlon as Romeo and Juliet dying
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Funny dank memes about the wildfires in California

Sixteen Mildly Insensitive Memes About The California Wildfires

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Shakespeare memes using the is that a pigeon image and the drakeposting format

16 Shakespearean Meme Tidbits Just For You To 'Lear' At

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Facebook post that reads, "Give yourself the most useless superhero ability;" someone comments below, "Thoughts and Prayers Man"
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Sad tragedy guns Republicans twitter twitter reacts gun control texas politics - 5685253

Texas Official Gets Destroyed Over His Comments On The Latest School Shooting

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entertainment Japan news sad face tragedy - 4554125824
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eggs hilarious noms tragedy - 3419539456
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Daily Little Tragedies

Via Lisa Popescu

If You Shoot at Satirists You'll Only Make Their Work More Relevant

tragedy Free Speech web comics - 8421158400
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Pain Has Many Layers

onions tragedy vegetables web comics - 8356995840
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Feel the Sadness

cute funny red panda tragedy - 8177628416
tragedy violence video games Video - 45935617

Tragedy and Video Game Violence

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