Funniest Parenting Fail Ensues When Dad Drops the F Bomb in Traffic and Toddler Takes It as Songwriting Inspiration

Funniest Parenting Fail Ensues When Dad Drops the F Bomb in Traffic and Toddler Takes It as Songwriting Inspiration

“They will ignore EVERYTHING else you say, but catch that ONE word…”
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New York Driver Prompts Debate After Comical Response To Road Rage

From seasoned taxi drivers to freshly granted license holders, anyone who has driven in the big smoke will tell you that it’s an entirely stressful experience. All the traffic jams, toll rates and angry drivers are enough to put anyone on edge; it’s nothing short of a miracle that people don’t snap more often. However, when they do the results can be explosive. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, as @bcheungz has proved. The Twitter user has recently gone viral after capturing an altercation…
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We're All Tired Of Your BS

Funny meme that reads, "Even the street signs are tired of it" above a photo of a sign that says "Karen St." above a stop sign
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Cyclists, Please Stop Doing This

Funny 'Is This A Pigeon' meme about cyclists helmet who run red lights Is this a green light?
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Funny meme that reads, "When you show somebody a picture on your phone and they start scrolling" above a photo of a guy angrily holding a stop sign
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Shocking, TBH

Funny meme tweet about being late for work even though the traffic is exactly how it should be.
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We Keep It Funky

Pic of a stop sign where someone wrote below 'stop' "Ain't no traffic like incoming traffic cause..." another sign below reads, "Incoming traffic does not stop"
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Leave Me Be

Funny meme about traffic
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There Was an Opening!

web comics driving traffic There Was an Opening!
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Every Year Memorial Day Traffic Be Like

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Stop and Go? Try Stop and Stop

los angeles traffic - 8757158912
Created by Unknown

They'll Never Believe This at Work

web comics kaiju traffic They'll Never Believe This at Work
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vape smoking Video traffic - 77500673

We Get It, You Like Other People Who Vape

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Yeah, Cause He Looks Relaxed

bubble wrap in traffic

JUST %$*&ing GO!

funny wtf traffic - 8255417600
Created by Unknown

Is This a Road or Landing Strip?

wtf gifs planes traffic - 8568089088
Created by Unknown
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