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25 Of The Best 'Trade Offer' Memes On The Internet

It's hard to be kind of old in the age of TikTok. It can be hard to navigate the app (please help us) and whenever we open it we feel increasingly out of touch. The music. The references. Oh god, the dances. But there are still some net positives where the app is considered, and over the past week this has been evident thanks to the 'Trade Offer' memes that have been popping up all over Reddit and Instagram.

The TikTok meme that led to these less irritating image macros was started by @natebellamy4 who posted a video proposal to "God" involving trading hated humans for beloved and sadly deceased public figures. The meme took off, inspiring @bradeazy to share a slightly less wholesome (and less egalitarian) version involving trading "sloppy toppy" for...nothing. @bradeazy's version of the meme has since been utilized as very versatile meme format, for everything from happy "trades" involving caring for one's pets or spicier historical memes about conquistadors and sketchy CIA dealings in Latin America. They've definitely been spicing up our timeline, so we figured we'd share our favorites with you. Care to accept the offer?

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