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You've got a friend in me partner. Toy Story was every 90s babies' go to movie after Lion King and Aladdin. The quintessential children's movie starring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will never go out of style. So take a trip back memory lane and laugh at these hilarious Toy Story puns.

Reframe: Your Face When Toy Story

cereal guy comments movies rugrats toy story your face when - 5196410368
By ooltewah33

Cool Story Bro

cool disney Memes movies pixar toy story - 5174712832
By CadaverFart

Can't Tell If Space Ranger or Toy

flying fry movies pixar toy story - 5054312704
See all captions By Unknown

You Got a Friend in Meme!

disney friend Rage Comics rage faces toy story troll - 5012152064
By Qwertykid3

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Babies everywhere Memes sex toy story woody - 5025010944
By Joseph3666

Thee Dance Of Love, Sure To Woo The Laydeeez.

buzz lightyear dancing gifs ladies pixar toy story - 5021126912
By REVkun

There's a Snake in My Boot!

catchphrase literalism snake toy story woody - 4982666240
By MKM1988

The New Muppet Poster Totally Looks Like Toy Story 3 Poster

buzz lightyear miss piggy muppets toy story - 4963177216
By Queenofspoons

Troll Story

buzz i lied pixar Rage Comics toy story troll woody - 4953278976
By kinghomer178

Ladies Love Buzzing

astronauts buzz Ladies Love pixar toy story - 4950077440
By Unknown


cars gifs Movies and TV toy story woody - 4913827840
By Unknown

My Woody Poisoned Her Waterhole

boots jeans Memes movies pixar snake toy story woody - 4844349184
By Unknown


IRL Movie Sad toy story - 4703617536
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Philosoraptor: No Comprende

buzz lightyear movies philosoraptor pixar spanish toy story - 4702714112
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amazing animation gifs hypnotic pixar toy story - 4429032192
By Unknown

Finally we Know

brad pitt sad but true se7en toy story whats in the box - 4510646272
By estefaniatroll