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You've got a friend in me partner. Toy Story was every 90s babies' go to movie after Lion King and Aladdin. The quintessential children's movie starring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will never go out of style. So take a trip back memory lane and laugh at these hilarious Toy Story puns.

"Dr." Luigi

luigi toy story - 7983481088
Created by powergannon

This Would Make Toy Story Really Weird

funny weird toy story star craft - 7945386752
Created by Unknown

Starring Tom Hanks and That Other Guy

buzz lightyear tom hanks toy story g rated win - 7906604032
Created by Unknown

You Weren't in Toy Story...

disney photobomb toy story - 7898129920
Created by Lunacharm

Must. Eat. Cute. Brains.

brains funny zombie toy story - 7902375936
Created by Unknown

Will Poulter Totally Looks Like Sid from Toy Story

toy story totally looks like sid - 7895622400
Created by Unknown

Buzz Off, Dude

toy story buzz lightyear - 7852510464
Created by Unknown

Toy Story IS Real!

toy story - 6541809152
Created by 942tdhall23

Will Pouter Totally Looks Like Sid from Toy Story

toy story totally looks like funny sid - 7814657792
Created by Unknown

Crossover Photobomb

photobomb toy story elmo funny - 7736637952
Via tonibaby17

Sandra Bullock Has a Woody... Costume

woody toy story cosplay - 7724229632
Created by Unknown

And Even So, Medicine Has Changed a Lot Since 1885

toy story medicine funny - 7715891200
Created by bjishawt

The Ice Cream Shop Owner From Jimmy Neutron Totally Looks Like Al from Toy Story 2

toy story jimmy neutron ice cream totally looks like cgi funny - 7668635648
Created by Unknown

They Said Get a Toy, It Would Be Your Friend

toy story toys friends funny - 7569880064
Created by XxDevilxKingxX

I'm Still Skeptical of My Toys

toy story confession kid Memes - 7586472704
Created by Unknown
wtf toy story videos funny - 50423809

You're a Toy

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