new mom asks family member who is feeding the baby to use a new spoon after she sees them eat off of the same spoon, the family member begrudgingly agrees but calls her dramatic for it, so the mom takes her own finger, sticks it in her mouth, and smears her spit on the family member's face to prove a point.

'What makes them think a MOUTH is an efficient way to clean?:' Mom Smears Spit on Family Member's Face After They Called Her Dramatic for Not Allowing Them to Share a Spoon with Baby

There is nothing more frustrating as a new mother than when a family members tries to call you “crazy” or “dramatic” for your parenting choices. Sure, they are family, but that is still not their baby and they have now lost baby-care privileges if they're going to undermine your parenting, especially if they do that right in front of your child.
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