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Disappointed Tourists Share The Most Overrated Places To Visit

Don't waste your money
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Kid Gets Trampled By Queen’s Guard, Sparks Debate Over Who Is To Blame

It's been controversial
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Funny video of a woman interrupting a street performance

Stubborn Karen Ruins Everyone's Day During A Street Performance

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Funny comic made by Nathan Pyle about a comet wanting to visit "Dino World" and subsequently crashing into earth.
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Funny video of a tourist getting stuck on a small iceberg and then beginning to float away

Dumb Tourist In Iceland Gets Stuck On An Iceberg, Floats Away

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Icelandic Glacier Collapse, Glacier collapse, cool video, tourists, scary, frightened.

Iceland Glacier Collapse Leaves Stunned Tourists Running For Safety

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Video of a guy sarcastically acting as a tour guide to his hometown of Casa Grande, Arizona

This Guy Made A Hilarious Video Poking Fun At His Tiny Deadbeat Hometown In Arizona

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Tourists taking selfies at Mt. Agung after eruption of volcano, callous, criticism, tacky, instagram.

Instagrammers Are Callously Taking Selfies In Front Of This Dangerous Erupting Volcano

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Just Checking Out the Hot, Young Tourists

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The Plane Has Quite a Load

fat tourists plane america funny - 8033548288
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Nature is So Majestic

animals photobomb tourists - 7974220800
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art funny wtf tourists - 7885481984
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Stairs: A Photobomber's Best Friend

photobomb stairs tourists funny - 7670289152
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Space Tourists

tourists Star Trek time travel - 3257778432
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Tourists = Scarier than Zombies

fear leaning tower of pisa Memes scary thriller tourists zombie - 6321947648
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Sir Courage Wolf Esq: Problems in Piccadilly

horror movie sir-courage-wolf-esq tourists - 4614007808
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