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Wholesome Thread Delights In Vacation Dads Fascinated With Pool Repairmen

If Father’s Day card designs are anything to go by, many men of a certain age enjoy the simple things in life. Sports, beer and fart jokes probably take the top spot, but a solid runner up has to be power tools. There are few more intimate relationships than a dad and the immaculately equipped toolbox in the garage that he never touches, apart from when another man’s tools are involved. This essential truth has been elegantly proved by @ellieq , when she came across some repairmen replacing a p…
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Quality Control

Funny meme about testing tongs.
Via bestmemesperiod
pumpkins halloween jack o lanterns tools carving Video - 83254785

Watching a Pumpkin Get Carved With a Waterjet Might Be The Most Peaceful 30 Seconds of Your Day

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The Tiniest Excavator

gifs tools excavator - 8541211136
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

What a Kludge

tools there I fixed it - 8017461248


levitation wtf mindwarp gifs tools - 8492704000
Created by anselmbe

How Do I Drive This Thing?

trees gifs tools - 8472233728

Adaptable Tools

Very funny GIF of a woman vacuuming fail in detaching the nozzle piece to help reach further.
Created by anselmbe
slow motion mindwarp list gifs drills tools - 330245

This is Not a Drill, It's a List of GIFs Featuring Drills (And Other Tools) Operating in Slow Motion

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"They Were Cheap, I Promise!"

marriage tools wives - 8204770816

The Measurement of Measuring

tools Pie Chart - 8013313024

They Were All Free...

tools wives - 7970440704


tools duct tape funny bacon g rated there I fixed it - 7541189376

Use of Gardening Tools in Movies

movies tools - 7667781120

Disc Trencher

crazy want gifs tools - 7341861888
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Classic: Do I Even Want to Know?

f that tools faptimes - 7130156544
Created by jeremiahstudios
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