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25 Bad Mom Memes For Parents Who Can't Wait For Their Kid's to Go Back to School

25 Bad Mom Memes For Parents Who Can't Wait For Their Kid's to Go Back to School

Mommy just needs minute to herself right now.
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Aww Man

Text that reads, "Over the past year I've taken so many 'before' pictures of my body while telling myself I'm going to start working out, I basically just have a slideshow of me getting fatter"
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21 Stupid Memes To Help You Forget That It's Monday

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Literally Every Morning

Tweet that reads, "Me: I hate math; Also me: If I cut my shower down to three minutes and breakfast down to ten, I can hit the nine-minute snooze two more times and only be five minutes late"
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16 Cynical Adulting Memes And Tweets That'll Make You Feel Slightly Less Helpless

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So True

Tumblr post about how middle-aged moms act on Facebook
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Tweet that reads, "Apparently if you smoke you get an extra ten breaks at work"
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That'll Show 'Em

Me of Matthew McConaughey standing over some photographic police evidence under the caption, "Me recreating an argument I had six hours ago with new and better points"
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Way Too Relatable

Caption that reads, "What I want vs. What I can afford" over a pic of a girl looking out her plane window at the Eiffel Tower, next to another pic of a girl sitting next to a dryer machine looking into it
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31 Pointless Memes For People Who Just Need A Break From Reality

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Caption that reads, "When you try to kill a bug but then it starts flying" above a pic of a guy freaking out
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Why Is It So Freaking Painful

Pic of a dog looking sad while someone holds a phone up to its ear under the caption, "When your mom forces you to speak to your relatives"
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Excellent Point!

Tweet that reads, "Took 28 years to realize that no matter what the meeting is about, if you randomly chime in with 'it's just about finding that balance' people will always agree"
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This Is Strangely Accurate...

Tweet that reads, "I always get self-conscious buying toilet paper like some high schooler is gonna take a picture of me and post it online with the caption 'lmao this dude poops'"
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It's True

Tweet that reads, "Little secret about me: my answer to the question 'would you like a receipt' is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time"
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It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "Used to sneak out my house to go to parties, now I sneak out of parties to go to my house"
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