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15 Apple Memes For All The iHaters

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18 Super Relatable Memes For Anyone Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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This Is Strangely Accurate...

Tweet that reads, "I always get self-conscious buying toilet paper like some high schooler is gonna take a picture of me and post it online with the caption 'lmao this dude poops'"
Via CanWeStopTalkingNow

Stop Reading My Mind, Zuckerberg!!

Tweet that reads, "Facebook ads are cool 'cause I'm like 'Oh look that was the thing I thought about yesterday but never typed or said aloud to another soul on earth'"
Via carrotsoup

It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "Used to sneak out my house to go to parties, now I sneak out of parties to go to my house"
Via Instagasm

Complete And Utter BS

Tweet that reads, "I'm starving and all I have is a refrigerator full of health food. I hate who I was four days ago"
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Pic of random fish guy looking tired under the caption, "When you try to caffeinate yourself but you just end up increasing your heart rate while remaining exhausted"
Via snewthedew

Bish I Know You Saw It

Pic of a kid holding his phone and looking sad, under the caption, "When it says 'active now' and he still ain't read your message"
Via anlyin

You Can't Just *Tell* Them You Hate It

"Hairdresser: Do you like it? Me: Yes, thank you *goes home and cries*
Via Dustyfunk

Time To Fight To The Death, Kids

Picture of two babies in a playpen with a sword in the middle, under the caption, "When you can only pay for one college tuition"
Via PeasLord

Well Stated

Tweet that reads, "I live for two reasons: 1.) I was born, 2.) I haven't died yet"
Via Benman85101

A Shame Indeed

Meme showing a spatula trying to prevent a kitchen drawer from opening
Via WheeziestTuna

Introvert Probs

Sarcastic headline that reads, "Man Spends Whole Day Dreading Fun Activity He Signed Up For"
Via LoveMyZ
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37 Rando Memes To Remind You That Life Is Alright Sometimes

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We'll Never Know

Tweet that reads, "When you are constantly anxious but you don't know why." with a pic of a computer pop-up that says nothing but provides an 'OK' button
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30+ Random Memes That Are Perfect For Time-Wasting

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