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WTF happens to the other bones??

Funny meme about bulls dying in a desert | bull in desert: dies every other bone in their body adios their skull Bonjour bear
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Get Out Ma Way

Caption that reads, "When you're 26 and still want to go sledding" above a pic of the Grinch riding Santa's sleigh while saying, "Out of the way! I have no insurance!"
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funny memes, memes, meme | have depression someone: u should get out more! go outside goes beach* now its tropical depression | anxiety social interaction depressed no social interaction

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I Need To Stop Doing That

Caption that reads, "When you finish a conversation and realize it was 78% you just oversharing"
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That'll Show 'Em

Me of Matthew McConaughey standing over some photographic police evidence under the caption, "Me recreating an argument I had six hours ago with new and better points"
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This Is Strangely Accurate...

Tweet that reads, "I always get self-conscious buying toilet paper like some high schooler is gonna take a picture of me and post it online with the caption 'lmao this dude poops'"
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It Be Like That

Tweet that reads, "Used to sneak out my house to go to parties, now I sneak out of parties to go to my house"
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Pic of random fish guy looking tired under the caption, "When you try to caffeinate yourself but you just end up increasing your heart rate while remaining exhausted"
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He's Not Wrong

Tweet that reads, "You say 'Are you okay?' But I know you really mean 'Stop coughing'"
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Why Is This So True

Tweet that reads, "Me trying to ask someone for a favor: Hey could you help me with this thing? Absolutely no pressure though. Totally okay if you can't. If you'd rather run me over with a car that's cool. Are you mad at me?"
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Picture of a girl dancing at a club with the caption, "White people when 'Mr. Brightside' starts playing at a party"
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Let's Be Real, I Can't Even Afford That

"I love when people say, 'quit your job and just travel.' Taking an Uber from the bar to my house is about all the traveling I can afford"
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