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Skilled Skateboarder Evades Subway Barrier With Jump, Impresses the Internet

Tony Hawk, is that you
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25 Funny Skateboarding Memes That Absolutely Shred

Skateboarding is an incredible hobby. It's impressive to watch , fun to do, and a great way to meet people. It's also the only hobby that actively embraces painful failures as a matter of fact in getting better at the pursuit. I've hurt myself more than I can remember in my years trying to skateboard. The only thing is, I was never very good and I never really improved. It's still been pretty fun though! Skateboarding is one of those hobbies that's sort of just a lifestyle. If anything, skate c…
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Embarrassing Times People Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To

We all have plenty of opportunities to embarrass ourselves. Hell, I embarrass myself almost every time I leave the damn house. Sometimes I jumble my words while talking and sound like a total moron. Thank god I'm in a relationship and no longer have to deal with sending embarrassingly desperate texts to guys I have a crush on. These moments of ineptitude are unfortunate, but they don't hold a candle to the times I've accidentally talked shit about a person's music to their face. Yes, multiple t…
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Tony Hawk Meets Wesley Snipes at the Oscars, Jokes About Classic Twitter Meme

They just ended the race war.
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Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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A Thorough Explainer on Why ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Has Taken Over Social Media

Nah he tweakin.
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funny tweets, twitter memes, relatable tweets, social media, 2019, tony hawk | randy @randypaint here's get rid military: 1. elect tony hawk as president 2 he settles all foreign issues with games s-k--t-e b) no other world leaders can even ollie Imao they'd get fucking owned 3. profit | hype @TheHyyy magician's tricks then pull rabbits out hats cut people half guess card magician's tricks now buy house pay off student loans have mental health

Fifty Amusing Tweets For People With Low Attention Spans

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23 Terrific Tweets Most People Will Relate To

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It's All So Clear Now

Fake Tony Hawk that reads, "They made the video game before I actually knew how to skate, so I was basically forced into learning how to do it"
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11 Funny Tony Hawk Tweets That'll Give You A Miniature Existential Crisis

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28 Delightful Memes For Your Procrastination Pleasure

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Well, Waddya Know?

Funny tweet from Tony Hawk.
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Would Play

Funny meme about tony hawk existential nightmare game.
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Would Buy

Funny meme about pretend TOny Hawk game involving eating,
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funny meme about tony hawk.
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The Single Best Review of Pro Skater 5

review tony hawk - 8570934784
Created by LocoGuy107 ( Via Metacritic )
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