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A Lavatory of 30+ Memes to Scroll Through During ‘Bathroom Break’ at Work

A Lavatory of 30+ Memes to Scroll Through During ‘Bathroom Break’ at Work

I'm hiding from my boss
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A compilation of memes about shopping and eating at Costco

Costco Memes For People Buying In Bulk

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Dude Gets Roasted For Claiming He Uses 8 Toilet Paper Rolls Per Day

Twitter Blue is out in full force, and with that comes the Twitter Blue defenders. Many people are roasting those who've subscribed to this paid verification service, and they are getting a wee bit defensive about it. If I paid $8 a month for a practically worthless service, I, too, would get a bit defensive about it. One dude went viral for the oxymoron “I'm paying for free speech.” Others exalt the new feature as a way to find community and boost your tweets. Unfortunately, having a blue chec…
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A compilation of irritating pictures with something off about them.

Images That Could Enrage Or Slightly Annoy You

Every day of your life, you have experienced something that doesn't quite go your way. Whether it be the food you ordered getting messed up, someone cutting you off in traffic, or something as simple as seeing a piece of trash on the ground. For little slights like this, you have a choice of whether to get inconsolably angry or let it roll off like water off a duck's back. Depending on the circumstances, it's usually best you choose the latter option. If not, you might risk making a scene or be…
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Scottish Woman Does Entertaining Takedown Of '5-Minute Crafts' Toilet Hacks

Holy moly
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Woman Confounds The Internet By Allegedly Decorating Bathroom Like It’s In A Dive Bar

Almost too uncanny...
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Funny parody video from Breaking Bad involving the hoarding of toilet paper

'Breaking Bad' Meets Coronavirus In This Humorous Parody Video

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Here Goes Nothing

Funny meme about growing your own toilet paper because of toilet paper hoarding | empty toilet paper roll dunked in water
Via @memebase
Funny random memes, 2020 memes, quarantine memes, coronavirus memes, dank memes, relatable memes, covid-19, social distancing, toilet paper | 5 year old falls and hurts knee* mom blows on spot pain queenkimbabe | Nobody: Random people right now: Coconut Bar Bought Everything Store Challenge 26M views 1.6M 18K Share Download Save

Miscellaneous Memes For The Scroll-Hungry Masses

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So Wasteful

Funny meme about how toilet papering a house is now a flex with the covid-19 outbreak coronavirus outbreak
Via u/ShyGuyMemes5

Got That Good Sh*t

Funny meme that reads, "Toilet paper seeds .25 each" above a photo of a bag of toilet paper rolls
Via evhylton93365
Funny memes about people hoarding toilet paper because of covid-19, coronavirus, coronavirus memes, dank memes, roasts | "complete idiot" starterpack HAND SANITISER PANICKED SCREECHING L CN BBC NBC npr This 'isn't Mad Max Australian police say after 3 women get into brawl while panic-buying toilet paper during coronavirus epidemic VFOX OCBS Qbc NEWS NEWS channel NBC Rhea Mahbubani Mar 7, 2020, 2:51 PM @katie.n64 f M have sold out face masks. Sorry inconvenience! | KID: HEY MUM IS THIS CORONA V

Memes That Roast All The People Hoarding Toilet Paper

Time to invest in a bidet.
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Twitter thread from frustrated grocery store manager about how people are scubags, covid-19 shopping, coronavirus, hoarding toilet paper | dan @dadopotamus manage grocery store gotta say all giant scumbags. 5:51 PM 3/14/20 Twitter iPhone | Mama Wife Concierge @TwoLs60 Replying dadopotamus and @1loriking My daughter works one and is appalled by people screaming at them lines empty shelves. Many co-workers reduced tears over last couple days. Management is now monitoring cash registers calling

Frustrated Manager's Twitter Thread Reveals How COVID-19 Brings Out The Worst In Customers

These people deserve our respect.
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Funny tweets from the Lawrence Kansas PD about coronavirus response | LAWRENCE POLICE Lawrence Police @LawrenceKS_PD ART KS Ask yourself "is this enough toilet paper last until August and then do not buy much toilet paper. Also, don't steal toilet paper violates no crime order.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department Tackles Coronavirus With Humor

Stop hoarding toilet paper!
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Coronavirus Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Anxiety

Hang in there.
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Cheap Ain't Always Better

Caption that reads, "My finger when I use cheap toilet paper" above a pic of Jeffree Star behind a see-through curtain
Via dolphish
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