Funny and relatable memes about stubbing your toe

Relatable Memes About the Human Agony of Stubbing a Toe

There are truly memes about absolutely everything. It's kind of like Rule 34 , except…a mostly cleaner phenomenon. For example, I just searched Google for “memes about itchy buttcracks” and there are at least thirty memes about this cringey topic. If I search “meme about dropping ice cream” there's a similar wealth of examples. While there may be memes about everything, not everything is worthy of its own meme listicle. We have to be choosy. And today we're choosing to share memes about the unp…
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Artist Takes Fandom to Next Level by Giving Toe a Minions-Inspired Makeover

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toes ew shoes barefoot debate feet sandwich Subway fast food tiktok - 16480261

Customer Starts Debate After Getting Grossed Out By Barefoot Subway Worker

Not really a vibe
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Can't Stop Thinking About This

Caption that reads, "Our hands have fingertips, but our toes don't have toetips...yet we can tiptoe" above pics of a guy pondering
Via youandmeandrainbows

The blame game...

toes dogs doctor broken Okay Cats - 8565399808
Created by Unknown


duct tape hilarious ski toes wtf - 5472003840
Created by gcenci

Life's Greatest Pains

Via Sarah See Andersen

Hurts More Than You Think

rage toes pain friends - 8373688320
Created by Unknown

A Love Story

ouch toes table feet web comics - 8285541376
Via Vale Con Lapices

The Curse of The Vibram

toes shoes gross web comics - 8178745856
Via xkcd

Brace Yourself, Winter is Going to be Hard on You

toes Winter Is Coming boots - 6960886016
Created by Unknown


toes Alabama Meanwhile wtf - 4380747520
See all captions Created by algeroth

Y U No Stub Another Toe?

toes feet Y U No Guy - 6866638080
Created by Unknown


Animated cartoon - I'VE SEEN ENOUGH SESAME STREET To know this is going to 10 VERY
Created by LittleWalken

At Least He Didn't Say I Was Smelly

toes sexytimes fu gal that sounds naughty - 6756882688
Created by Unknown

This Explains His Lack of Manners

batman Rage Comics toes - 5493397504
Via imgur
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