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'Go live in a country that pays service workers a livable wage': Europeans and Americans Debate The Validity of American Tipping Culture

Tipping culture in America is pretty straightforward. If you're eating at a sit-down restaurant, it's expected that you tip your waiter 20% of the cost of your meal in total. This system is in place because paying servers far less than the minimum wage is legal and common, with restaurant owners assuming most of their income will be supplied by tips. Tipped employees in some U.S. states can make as little as $2.13 per hour , which is why it's so important to tip them 20%. Many Europeans visitin…
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Greedy Landlord Thinks Tenants Should Tip Landlords Instead of Service Workers

We can all agree that of all the slimy jobs in the world, being a landlord is one of the slimiest. I would go as far as to say that it is a fake job. They act like they're doing you such an excellent service by allowing you to live in their building when they don't do anything to improve their properties yearly. When your hot water is broken, they don't fix it themselves. They hire someone else who has the skills to fix it, if they even do that! One of the landlords from @twoguystakeonrealestat…
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A Reddit story about a male Karen boomer father-in-law getting angry at his son-in-law for tipping at a resturant

Male Karen Explodes at Son-In Law For Tipping at a Restaurant

Anyone who has worked as a waiter knows that people who don't tip are the worst. In the United States, many waiters only get paid $2 hourly and, therefore, only survive on tips. Some restaurants don't even pay their servers an hourly wage. This is basically common knowledge at this point, so for most people, not tipping is simply out of the question. But there are always those people who get angry for the insistence that they tip. I find that these come from two camps. The first camp is Boomers…
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Pile Up of Untipped DoorDash Orders Ignites Debate About Service Charges

Pay people fairly
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party entertainer is surprised by a generous tip from a teenage Gen-Z client

'But mom, she stayed an extra 30-minutes:' Disney princess party entertainer is pleasantly surprised when Gen-Z teen schools mom on tipping

It's time like these you appreciate Gen-Z.
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Shady Customer Tries to Cancel Generous Tip While Date Isn't Looking, Server Humiliates Him

When I was a bartender, customers would often rack up huge tabs over several hours, ordering martinis at the busiest moments and shots for everyone at the bar minutes before closing. The most ostentatious customers were usually the ones who would ditch the bar without closing their tabs, and 90% of the time, those cards would decline. It's a risky scam, but people who work in the service industry know better than most that customers can be shockingly audacious. As much as we wish we could expos…
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People Observe Things That Are Uniquely American in Interesting Thread

As an American who recently moved to the United Kingdom, a lot of the funny observations in this amusing Reddit thread about uniquely American things really resonated with me. For example, when someone asks me where I'm from, my first instinct is to say, “well I grew up in California, but I just moved from New York.” Whereas a European might simply respond with what country they're from. And I never realized that to many people outside the United States, certain Americans (especially New Yorker…
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Hooters Waitress Refuses Alcohol To Entitled Minors, Faces Petty Revenge

Just dumb
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Servers Earn More Than Managers Thanks to Big Tips, Boss Responds by Cutting Wages

Tipping is a strange, yet highly normalized custom in American culture. Do you ever stop and wonder about the origins of gratuity in America? The history is pretty damn dark . Nevertheless, tipping workers for their service is deeply embedded into our society and it isn't going away, unless of course, employers start to pay service workers adequately. This r/antiwork post about how a restaurant decided to cut wages because workers were making too much in tips makes us think that's not going to…
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Restaurant Causes Controversy Over "No Tipping" Sign

Seems suspicious.
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Guy Sparks Outrage After Trolling Server With Tip He Knows Will Get Declined

Not funny
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Frustrating Service Industry Tales From Disgruntled Servers

In these trying times, don't forget to tip
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Chipotle Dragged for Preventing Customer From Giving Generous Tip to Delivery Driver

Everyone knows that food delivery drivers are some of the most underpaid gig workers in the industry. Many drivers end up earning less than minimum wage. And on top of that, delivering food while navigating apps can be dangerous business. In 2021, The New York Times reported on a survey of delivery drivers facilitated by the Worker Institute at Cornell University. The survey revealed that "42% of workers had experienced being underpaid or not paid at all. Nearly half said they had crashed while…
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Woman Refuses To Tip Server, Faces Immediate Backlash

No one wins here
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Man Gets Called Out On Coffee Date, Starts Debate About Tipping Etiquette

A red flag?
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Server Triggers Tipping Debate After Roasting Rude Customers

In a short and not-so-sweet TikTok post, restaurant server @kaybaltazar retaliates against some hypothetical rude customers by applying a 20% tip to their bill. Turns out people have some very mixed feelings about automatic gratuity. The video went viral, gaining over 1 million views and hundreds of comments. While some chanted words of support, others dragged OP for the snarky video and preached their hot takes on tipping etiquette. @kaybaltazar was present in the comments, asserting that the v
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