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Cryptic Tiktoker Claims To Have Discovered A Time Traveler

Out of all the mysteries about how the world works, time and being able to manipulate it has to be one of the most popular. We are bombarded with movies, TV shows and fiction that rely on the concept of time travel , but most of us don’t expect to be confronted with it in reality. This has apparently not been the case for @comeatmebhai , who has found TikTok fame for a video where they claim to have stumbled upon a homeless person who is also a time traveller. Showing an anonymous man writing w…
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Where Men Cried

Funny meme about how if boys had a time machine they would go back in time to save Paul walker from his death | Girls With Time Machine I will meet my Me TOO Great Grandma Boys With Time Machine Your Porsche's you're Right Tires are Old I'll change it
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Oh Snap

funny time machine dane cook stop from pursuing comedy | Wojak comic Women with a time machine I am your granddaughter Really? Men with a time machine Don't make comedy ok
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funny dank memes about women and men with time machines Wojak comics Trad Girl Doomer Girl Yes Chad | Women with time machine Really am granddaughter Men with time machine Doritos CHEESE gotta try these man Thither êow âdrêogan oððicgan | Women with time machine Really am granddaughter Men with time machine OK. Belisarius Take this and restore Empire

Trending Time Machine Memes Make A Whole Lot Of Gender-Based Generalizations

We love them anyway.
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Caption that reads, "Ever wonder what the f*ck went down exactly in the middle ages" above a painting of people running away from a man appearing to fly
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Traveling Through Space and Time

elevator time machine science - 3039661312

My God, It WORKED!

time machine time travel g rated win - 7756833792
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IN 1885

DeLorean Pure Awesome time machine - 5717577728
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homer Pure Awesome time machine wtf - 5700879104
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Stop It Before It Starts!

justin bieber Omegle sexytimes time machine - 5375143168
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Scumbag Doc

back to the future doc Memes movies time machine time travel train - 5368783616
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elevator hilarious seems legit time machine - 5244415232
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classy doctor who hilarious old timey time machine - 4828142080
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Hipster Austin Powers

frozen hipster-disney-friends time machine - 4611898880


awesome Pure Awesome time machine wtf - 2966552576
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When Camry's Were Legit

shoppers beware time machine - 5265647616
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