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Worker Ignites Debate After Admitting To Time Theft On the Job

It's not foolproof
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Let's Do This

Funny tweet about just getting it through another month, and then we'll have to get through another month
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funny tweet about doing planks exercise makes time slower
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Funny meme that reads, "How you feel when you guess what the current time is and get it spot on" above a photo of a cat dressed as a fortune teller
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Too Real

Funny meme about how quickly summer flies by.
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Funny tweet about having your whole life ahead of you, sports, 30s.
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It's What You Make It

Caption that reads, "When you realize 2019 is going to be exactly the same as 2018 because time is just an abstract concept created by humans and has no real bearing on the events that occur" above a pic of Pikachu in a sleeping bag looking content
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Glory Days

Funny meme about crying as you grow up vs texting.
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Get It Together, Time

Funny meme about Selena Gomez.
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Big Mood

Funny meme about time.
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Funny Feel Old Yet memes.

16 'Feel Old Yet' Memes That'll Age You Considerably

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Nostalgic memes and photos, funny pics, captain planet, ms frizzle, magic schoolbus, 90s, nostalgia.

22 Time-Traveling Memes That'll Stoke Your Nostalgia

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pics taken at the perfect moment

37 Epic Pics That Were Taken At The Perfect Moment

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A Very Good Question

Funny meme about the invention of time.
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Collection of funny memes about texting, food, gordon ramsay, cooking, cats, dogs, animals, texting, fashion, dating, relationships, hair.

34 Random Memes To Keep You Entertained

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twitter time donald trump reactions politics - 1226501

TIME Names Donald Trump 'Person of the Year' and People on Twitter Don't Seem to Know What to Do with Themselves

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