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Weekly Internet Roundup: Photoshopped Landings, Sydney Sweeney on 'Hot Ones', and Trauma Dumping on Elmo

Also: TikTok loses (some) music.
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (January 30, 2024)

Clock app humor
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'No notification this end': Daughter Reveals Hilarious Corporate Speak Texts From Dad

He's professional
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Cargo Pant Proposals, Barbie Oscars Discourse, and Disturbances at the Rat Hole

Also, is Gen Z aging faster than previous generations?
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'The art of dance floor is lost': bottle service nightclub horrifies Twitter with daytime appearance

RIP clubbing
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'The math ain't mathing': Fan calls out Harry Styles for leaving $5 tip on $70 takeout order

Tipping discourse: celebrity edition
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'These Alpha babies are a new breed': Mom shares 2-year-old's expert drumming skills, impresses the internet

Nepo babies get started early
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (January 23, 2024)

It's TikTok time
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Tech Layoff Clapbacks, Orange Peel Theory, and King Charles vs. Trisha Paytas

Another normal few days online.
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Greg the Beta Fish Gets Frozen Solid, Comes Back to Life, Then Passes Anyways in a Dramatic and Unexpectedly Emotional Rollercoaster (VIDEO)

Via santanaaza
The woes, the triumph, and the downfall of a faith-inspiring fish
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Mother Velcros Her Baby to a Chair, Gets Mixed Feedback From Fellow Parents

Might not be the safest choice
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'Leave them alone creep': Woman secretly films couple's photo booth proposal, gets roasted for invading privacy

Is this normal
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (January 16, 2024)

Clock app shenanigans
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'Love traveling for free': Miami vacationer claims she sleeps on the beach instead of paying for a hotel

One way to save money
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Chabad Tunnels, Josh Wine, and Golden Globes Slang

Also, a bunch of men let their impulsive thoughts win.
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'It's pathetic seeing millennials sound exactly like the boomers they despise': Gen Z retail employee complains about full time work , faces heat from the internet

Life's hard for us all
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