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28 Times TikTok Comments Were Better Than The App

TikTok isn't for everyone, and it's the sort of app you're either obsessed with or repelled by. It's hard to be a casual TikTok dabbler (trust us, we've tried and failed). Even when you're blessed with a 'for you page' that isn't just an endless feed of insufferable cringe, the chaotic app itself tends to overwhelm the fragile senses of those who don't live on the internet. It's too bad, because just like all other social networks, there's some real hidden gems in the comment section. But thank…
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Brutal Times People Were Roasted in the TikTok Comments

'TikTok comments are what you’re thinking but someone has the audacity to say'
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TikToker Avoids Airline's Extra Baggage Fee With Brilliant Hack

Don't let Spirit see this
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Video of a Dam's Gate Opening Sparks Comically Inappropriate Comment Section

Always check the comments
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Island Boys Bring TikTok to Real Life, Get Booed and Roasted

The identical Floridian twins known as the Island Boys became an internet sensation in October after freestyle rapping in a pool. The song (if you can call it that) went wildly viral and has catapulted the twins into their fifteen minutes of fame. TikTokers were positively charmed by lines such as 'I'm tryna be out with all the greatest, I'm a lil' Florida boy' and 'It get real damn tropic, I'm like damn I'm the topic, I'm an island boy, I put my vest on, yeah.' Frankie and Alex Venegas (who go
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35 Times People Dropped Gold In The TikTok Comments

The comments section might be the best part of the app
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