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35 Times People Dropped Gold In The TikTok Comments

TikTok from the outside appears to be a pretty insular online community with a chaotic method of delivering content that is daunting to inexperienced users. Because of this, many stay on the outside and make up their minds about the app, but we'd argue that these people might be missing out on one of the most interesting parts of TikTok—the comments. This shouldn't be a big surprise, since we all know you can always find gold in the YouTube comments, for example. The comments are also an interesting insight into what's going on in the minds of Gen Z—though all ages use the app, almost half of the users are under the age of 24. 

Since June, Twitter account @commentsooc has been doing a great job documenting some of the best of TikTok's comments. If you're interested in taking a look into this world but are too scared of the app, you've come the the right place.

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