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Tik-tok don't stop and won't stop for anybody. Whether you're all about that Ke$ha mega-hit, or the viral replacement to Vine that has swept younger generations into becoming the newest influencers. So before you Walken to the party, know that you're in the right place whatever the case.

A male karen berates a hotel worker and the hotel workers stands up for himself.

Crazy Dude Screams At Motel Clerk After His Card Declines And Room Gets Canceled

Working in customer service is such a joy, isn't it? If you're not getting screamed at by customers one minute, you will be the next minute. It's one thing working at a store or a restaurant, but something about doing hospitality work brings out the worst in customers. It's their vacation, and if something goes wrong with it, boy howdy are they going to have a fit about it. TikToker James Mahoney caught one of these interactions in the act. A man verbally berated a motel concierge for his room…
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Article About a TikTok Creator Who Covered Her Toilet With Chia Seeds in an Attempt to Make a Huge Toilet Chia Pet

Woman Attempts To Make Chia Pet Out of Her Toilet

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35 Times People Dropped Gold In The TikTok Comments

The comments section might be the best part of the app
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the sopranos, tiktok, mafia, crime, dad, mom, grandpa, brother, trend, mafioso

Sopranos Trend Brings Out Every TikToker With A Mafioso In The Family

That’s suspicious.
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Funny tweets and response to TikTok McDonald's proposal | person in a face mask kneeling down in a fast food restaurant | Laughing Leo DiCaprio when he have time to make the heart rose petals

TikTok McDonald's Proposal Is A Perfect Example Of Wholesome Cringe

Love...uh...finds a way?
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Funny memes, random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, office memes | lypsincing music is not talent If those kids could read they'd be very upset Bobby Hill tiktok | Husband: why is there 100 dollars missing my account wife: Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio with fake lashes and nails

Fairly Dumb Memes To Help You Waste Time

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How I met, how y'all met twitter meme | Fatass Kelly Price @theartofsu met zoom vs met Zoom Zoom 11:28 AM 4/27/20 Twitter iPhone | krystienne @delahrozaa met tik tok vs met tik tok Translate Tweet KESHA TIK TOK

'How I Met Vs How Y'all Met' Memes Reminisce About The Past

Feel old yet?
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Wake Up In The Morning Feelin' Like P. Diddy

Funny Twitter meme about a doctor telling a woman that her biological clock is ticking; she responds with lyrics to "Tik Tok" by Kesha | zfedraws me when i'm 30 with no kids tik tok on the clock but the party don't stop no
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Funny memes entitled 'Trying Kombucha For The First Time'

'Kombucha Girl' Is The Star Of Our Favorite Reaction Meme

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Reframe: All is not lost...

i dont want to live on this planet anymore keha Music singles the Beatles tik tok - 5563849472
Created by Vandreader

Lennon Don't Look Like No Jagger

beatles i dont want to live on this planet anymore keha singles Stephen Fry tik tok - 5523177984
Created by mustardisyum

Hickory Dickory Ducreux

city Joseph Ducreux keha Music P Diddy tik tok - 5038940416
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