Accents Change Everything!

accent draw something literalism one Pronunciation similar sounding suffix tie two - 6319714816
By failbLOLg (Via The Pun King)

No, I am Quite Impressed

gifs impressive tie T.Shirt u mad win - 6325088768
By Unknown


best of week classy tie wtf - 6133215488
By butterflyperception

Define "Scientifically Accurate"

hen ive-seen-enough-japanese-entertainment tie - 6108778240
By Biggmac4444

But if it's Visible, Wouldn't it Be a Tie-Out?

double meaning literalism star wars tie - 5963935232
By maxystone

But I'd Really Rather Knot Stay Here Alone

ahead around double meaning go Hall of Fame hang head literalism on similar sounding tie - 5759286528
By Bella8236

It's a Thai!

check czech double meaning finnish Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism race racing russian tie - 5597011456
Via Apokalips

LOL My Router Is Off

computer dogs lol Memes tie what - 5573268736
By Unknown

Extreme Finger Crossing

finger tie wtf - 5403842816
By Cyberkedi


animals cat Hall of Fame hilarious shoes tie - 5249246720
By Iiananimal

Seems Like a Great Product

inflatable Pillow tie wtf - 5217405696
By Alexwin

Gimme Back My Tie!

anger management crazy guy riot tie - 5195785728
By Glendon G

Foul Bachelor Frog: Slip Not

foul bachelor frog not shoes slip slipknot tie - 5028475904
By Unknown

No Belt? Fashion Feaux Pas

awesome dance dress fashion formal tie - 4934187776
By Alex Gammon


FAIL gifs ouch puns tie wrestling - 4952295680
By _C_A_T_


dice double meaning homophone literalism misinterpretation tie - 4591814144
By SpikeDawg