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Sixteen Trebuchet Memes Perfect For Yeeting Your Boredom

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Uh, Ow?

Caption that reads, "Me: throw my ball into the crowd after winning the game; Everyone else at the bowling alley: ..." above 'Unsettled Tom' meme
Via youandmeandrainbows

Can Breathe On Land *And* In Water - Incredible!

Caption that reads, "'You're sure that's the right word?' 'Like 80% sure, yeah;' 'Print it' above a headline that reads, "Amphibious pitcher makes debut"
Via dolphish

Windy, Eh?

wind wtf mindwarp gifs throw - 8534788352
Created by ToolBee

Yes, Twice

wtf cow angry funny throw - 7434656256
Created by xyzpdq1

All Hail The Ninja Cat

ninja gifs Cats throw - 7158635520
Created by anselmbe

Go Away

ouch FAIL pwned Videogames skating throw - 6972589568

Jackie Chan Shouldn't Be Trifled With

gifs escalator punch Jackie Chan throw - 6837247744

Cat's Pre-Bed Ritual

gifs bed Cats Caturday throw - 6659821568

When I Throw Something at The Garbage And It Goes In

celebration dance excellent gifs throw victory win - 6530626048
Created by Iron-man01

Delicious Roof Pizza

breaking bad delicious gifs Movies and TV pizza rage roof throw - 6516754944
Via Delta City

Nailed It

gifs rage sunglasses throw - 6450532864
Via Brown Cardigan

Have a Seat

gifs puns rage throw wrestling wwf - 6431468544
Created by TheMetalCat

Steve Seems a Little Keyed Up Today...

chair gifs rage throw - 6333576448
Created by 19Zoey88

One More

FAIL gifs Music singer song throw wut - 6331867392

The Force Unleashed

damage gifs mindwarp the force throw yikes - 6258780160
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