Cats are Smart

things lolcats birds smart the internet food Cats - 6721754368
By baseball3

Scumbag Coke Can

straw Reframe coke scumbag can things - 6692145920
By gl3110

I Can't Say the Alphabet FORWARDS

drinking alcohol police people laws things the world - 6664013824
By SpadeMediocre

Scumbag Painkiller

pain Scumbag Steve things time - 6590178560
By otakuwitch

Or Just Sniff, Either Way

butts Cats Memes things - 6443128064
By PetePete

He's Predicting Himself!

Aliens ancient aliens hair things - 6241035008
By Scorchie_pie

They Have Such a Sticker Monopoly!

China conspiracy keanu made in china monopoly stickers things - 5944367616
By Unknown

"You should not have come back!"

darth vader How People View Me things - 5849885184
By Unknown

Type Provocative Things Until Captcha Concedes

captcha raisins-super-fuuuu things wat - 5748841984
By aftherocker

Up Next: Theodore the Tugboat

boat Memes sinking things - 5736692224

Net Noob: Everybody Does It

humans nature Net Noob things - 5168664064
See all captions By Unknown

Internet Husband: Looks Dangerous Out There

dangerous Internet Husband kitchen things window - 5340663040
By Unknown

This Isn't My Road!

bear cone Memes things zoo - 5280450304
By kempol

Inigo Is Now a Meme

all the memes forced inigo Memes things what - 5127100160
By Indomitus

What Choice Do I Have?

all the things chores forever alone things - 5080078080
By SirAbraxas

Philosoraptor: Patience Is a Temperamental Virtue

bird early good philosoraptor things time wait worm - 5023793408
By VelvetPill
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