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Voluptuous Diet Memes for Thicc Folks Failing to Achieve Their Summer Body in Time for Pool Days

I blame genetics
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bagel sandwich is way too thicc due to lazy dunkin' donut employees

TikToker Goes Viral After Sharing Thicc Bagel Sandwich That Dunkin' Donuts Just Lazily Threw Together

The work might have been wrong, but the answer was correct. New viral TikTok is pointing out how sometimes Dunkin' Donuts can be so lazy, that it actually gets them more in their meal.
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Dummy Thicc Memes for Donk Appreciators

Good gracious
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airship, thicc, booty, butt, butts, twitter, funny twitter, horny, thirsty

Suggestively Shaped Airship Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Social media users often find themselves to be a divided population. It would seem the nature of every different platform is to create petty disputes, ignite scandals and just generally encourage the worst of the worst to make itself known. However, there's one factor that unites a vast majority: how unbearably horny people can be. From Lady Dimitrescu to Waluigi , there's nothing the internet loves more than uniting around a sex symbol. What's more, they don't even have to be a living things. …
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Funny meme about Pixar Moms, thicc onion
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Where's the lie?

Funny memes about how pixar animators always give moms a fat ass
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Funny tweets about mark zuckerberg photos from surfing in hawaii, sunscreen | Bobby BLME Bobby19_ my therapist: mark zuckerberg with face full sunscreen and thick ass isn't real can't hurt mark zuckerberg with face full sunscreen and thick ass | Rick @Rick76_ Are sure Mark Zuckerberg isn't just shedding is summer time lizard reptilian

Mark Zuckerberg's Sunscreen Gets Roasted On Twitter

What a look.
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Humans Never Change

Tumblr post that reads, "Do not let a woman who decorates her buttocks deceive you, by wily coaxing, for she is after your granary;" someone comments below, "Some oddly specific advice from Hesiod (700BC);" someone else comments below, "Which thicc girl hurt you (and stole your grain)"
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Kids These Days Smh

Tweet that reads, "My son wrote 'thicc' on my patio 56 times" above a photo of the patio
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teenagers slang kids these days old people lit usa today generations funny tweets funny twitter woke thicc yeet - 6490629

USA Today Published A Hilarious Guide For Old People To Decode Teen Slang

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Funny pics of fat animals.

17 Extra Thicc Animals Reppin' The World's Absolute Units

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Funny thicc thanos tweets, twitter, the avengers, infinity war.

Twitter Thinks Thanos Is Thicc And It's Triggering The Internet

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When Will It Stop?

Funny meme criticizing a person that drew a sexy, curvaceous fidget spinner.
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