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“Big Cup Theory” Converts Twitter As The Best Way To Drink Water

Drink up
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Doomers Ponder The Scariest Theories Known To Man

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway
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Carole Baskin Reveals How She Thinks Her Husband Died And Now People Have New Theories

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Tumblr thread and theory about how Violet Beauregard should have won Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, fan theories, evayna, roald dahl.

Tumblr User Shares Brilliant Theory For Why Violet Should've Won Wonka's Chocolate Factory

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Funny memes, academic memes, theory memes | clueless Kant lived life celibacy and died before cars were invented e virgin who can't drive. | class Can stay discussion with second Let's go deeper on this Building on this point Let know if getting if other way around reminds want X's point unpack bullets

Academic Memes Full Of Scholarly Humor

For the smarties.
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19 Philosophy Memes For All You Thinkers

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christmas consumerism wall.e Video theory - 84169729

Discover the Hidden Meanings About Consumerism in 'Wall-E' Just in Time to Buy Christmas Presents

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8 bit serial killer theory Video - 83887617

8-Bit Video Game Characters Help Explain Why We Love Serial Killers

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We Have a Legit Theory on Our Hands Right Here, Folks

Via Snoopislurking
rick and morty Video theory - 79756801

Strap on Your Conspiracy Theory Caps and Watch This Rick and Morty Fan Explain the Secrets of the Multiverse

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video game nintendo nx theory - 79011073

Are the Nintendo NX Controller Leaks Real or Fake?

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Musical drinking games

alcohol literalism measurement Music music theory theory - 4360217344
Created by 707gatos

Pokétheory About Gastly and Cloyster

Pokémon cloyster theory - 8297772032
Created by Brixfox

This Joke is Relatively Funny

double meaning einstein joke literalism space theory time - 6554887680
Via Reddit

Why Voltorb Trolls

explosion Memes Pokémemes theory - 6063285248
Created by Darverses

Damn Right, Richard Dawkins

evolution Gravity Memes Professors richard dawkins theory - 6029537536
Created by Unknown
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