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Funny karl pilkington quotes.

17 Sage Wisdoms From The Legendary Karl Pilkington

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How It Feels These Days

Web comic of a guy stepping in shit, but when he looks at his shoe it's actually the world.
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I Can't Say the Alphabet FORWARDS

drinking alcohol police people laws things the world - 6664013824
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No Wonder the Rest of the World Thinks We're Stupid

america browser internet internet explorer the world - 6495172608
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Pushing Patrick: Most Hated Family in America

church family pushing patrick the world volcano westboro - 5296977408
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Scumbag Aladdin

aladdin disney Scumbag Steve Songs the world - 5159941888
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Scott Pilgrim's Big Adventure

best of week bewbs grab hipsters Memes scott pilgrim the world - 4967399936
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Memes no rorschach save the world watchmen - 4286426368
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