The Shadowlurker

Shadowlurker Wants To Play Too

body play pool scary swimming The Shadowlurker - 5050954496
Created by djexplosive

The Shadowlurker: Ready or Not, Here I Come...

games hide and seek it tag The Shadowlurker - 5039733504
See all captions Created by Unknown

The Shadowlurker Isn't Phased

lights masturbation The Shadowlurker watching - 5024114688
Created by CinemaObsessed

Reframe: The Blanket of Protection

bathroom blanket Reframe run The Shadowlurker - 5024794624
Created by Sonny644

The Shadowlurker: Don't Blink

behind you blink reading shadowlurker The Shadowlurker - 5020571904
Created by Unknown

The Shadowlurker: I'd Rather Not

blink gross not scary Staring The Shadowlurker - 5025022720
Created by Joseph3666

Shadowlurker: The Great Race

lights race shadowlurker The Shadowlurker - 5012123136
See all captions Created by Diminished14th

Courage Wolf Prepares for Dream Battle

bed dark dreams night shadowlurker sleep The Shadowlurker - 5016898048
See all captions Created by StreetratMatt

Never Alone: Quicker Than a Ray of Light

everywhere flashlight shadowlurker The Shadowlurker - 5011434752
See all captions Created by mcnabcam

The Shadowlurker: Just Like the Titanic

children door lock siblings The Shadowlurker titanic women - 5011833088
Created by Unknown

Never Alone: Too Late, Now I'm Ducking Behind the Seat!

driving ducking mirror night seat The Shadowlurker - 5005736192
See all captions Created by Phandaz4lyfe

Never Alone: It's Just the Dog, It's Just the Dog...

air breeze lurker never alone shadow sleep The Shadowlurker windows - 5005481472
See all captions Created by Unknown

The Shadowlurker: Night Lights Aren't Just for Kids

lights lurker shadow stalker The Shadowlurker - 5001976064
Created by Unknown

The Shadow Stalker: Better Pee in Your Bed

bed bedroom chivalry darkness knights lisa night pee piss running sleeping stains stalker The Shadowlurker urine - 5001451264
Created by don_walter ( Via )

Horrifying House Guest

bed creepy legs Memes mine steal The Shadowlurker - 4952755200
Created by Unknown
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