the rock

What Are You Looking At?

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Butt Out, Zach!

Text - Anna Kendrick eAnnakendrick47 8h Fast 6 is the most fun I've ever had at the movies. And it's very possible that it's not just because I was drunk. Detals Reply tu Retweeted Favorite -* More Dwayne JohnsonTheRock 1h AnnaKendrick47 Ha. Thanks Anna! Hell that makes two of us then. Im breakin' open the bottle... again. #CheersHoney Details Anna Kendrick CAnnaKendrick47 TheRock I'm so happy right now. When we work together (oh, it's going to happen) I've decided to call myself The Pebble. #No

The Rock's True Nemesis

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His One Weakness

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You Might Want to Use Chrome or Firefox

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The Rock Likes to Photobomb Too

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I Bet He'll Look Just Like You!

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Can You Tell What the Rock is Named?

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A Dream Within a Dream... In a Car

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Do You Smell What the Rock is Shoppin'?

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Leeroy? No Stahp!

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Bible Spoiler

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It's That One Scene From the Avenger's, Right?

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Need a Halloween Costume?

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Stop Right There You Criminal Scum

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Do You See What The Rock Is Seeing?

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